How To Make Your Own Word Art

My mother in law's birthday was coming up, and as a woman who doesn't need or want a lot of stuff, I had no idea what to give her.

I'm one of the lucky ones who has an amazing woman as a mother in law. With many admirers and close friends, I often have people tell me qualities they love about her. And that gave me an idea for a gift that is uniquelly hers.

We made her a framed reminder of some of her greatest qualities :

Gift complete!

Of course, this can be made for any occasion and with any type of words. We all have words that inspire us, bring holiday cheer, or remind us of our aspirations. Consider creating a reminder of these inspiring words by using this same technique.

This is a kid-friendly project, and allows you to reuse those pieces of fabric from old clothes or left overs from sewing projects.

How to Make Your Own Word Art

What you will need

Picture frame

Modge podge

Scraps of fabric

Scrapbook letter stickers

I found these cute scrapbook letter stickers on Amazon that would work great. Check them out!

1. Ask close friends and family members to describe the recipient in one word.

2. Pre-design your artwork by laying out the scraps of fabric on top of the cardboard insert that came with the picture frame.

3. Lightly and evenly spread the modge podge on the cardboard.

Be careful -- larger blobs of modge podge will seep through the fabric. It can be difficult to readjust the fabric once it is in contact with the modge podge.

Painting on the Modge Podge

3. Carefully press the fabric into place. You may want to consider overlapping the fabric for a fun look.

4. Create the adjectives by using the scrapbook letter stickers. Place whereever, being aware of edges that will be covered by the frame.

5. Write the names of the people on the back of the frame whose feelings were expressed in your homemade word art.

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