A Cool Twist on a Hot Favorite

We’re having a heat wave, along with most of the country.  It is just downright uncomfortable, but I’m excited at the prospect that the cold front is coming soon.

I’m also excited that my baby is due next week and hopefully won’t be too late.  As part of my labor relief, I have always used hot rice bags on my belly and back during contractions.  The relief is amazing.  Unfortunately, my favorite rice bag got wet and had to be thrown away.  As D-day is approaching, I knew I needed to replace it, so I made a couple today.  

I went to put them in the hospital bag, when I thought…wait a minute!  And I turned around and put them in the freezer.  See, around here, we’ve been using small rice bags (about the size of bean bags) as ice packs for little kids who find real ice packs to be too cold, but still need something cold on a bump or bruise (or wounded pride).  Lately, we’ve been using those ice bags as personal cooling packs for nighttime in this stiffling heat.

So it really wasn’t a revolutionary idea, but let me tell you, it was AMAZING to put one of those COLD rice bags on my neck today!  And the girls all went to bed with their winter rice bags that are usually hot…straight from the freezer.

So if you have a rice bag feeling lonely and waiting for winter, pull it out and pop it in the freezer for some wonderful summer time relief!

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One Response to A Cool Twist on a Hot Favorite

  1. Sunny says:

    GREAT idea. I’ve thought of putting my pillow in the fridge when I was growing up in So. Cal., but this is MUCH more practical!

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