A “Dry”, but Great Product

Perhaps you’ve started seeing them around…Microfiber Super Absorbent, Washable Dish Mats. I was skeptical. The dish towels I use seem to end up soaking wet and inevitably smell like mildew very soon after using them to dry things. My dish rack seems to drain water all over my counter, not to mention the hard water stains it is collecting.

So, I bought a microfiber mat…it didn’t cost much and I crossed my fingers it would solve my dish washing woes. I’m happy to report that I love it. It easily absorbs the water from my drying dishes. I have absolutely no excess water collecting on the counter. Not only that, but it resists mildew, so now mildew smells are a thing of the past. Best yet, it’s simple to clean. Simply throw it in the washer. And, it’s super simple to store. Once the dishes are dry, just roll it up, and toss it under the sink or in a drawer. I highly recommend it and since I’d seen them but couldn’t believe they’d actually be great, I figured I’d pass my review on to you. Happy dish washing.

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