A Fascinating book about Abraham Lincoln

I could not put it down.

As I was shopping at a local thrift store recently, a faded green book with worn edges caught my eye. All it said on the cover was Lincoln The Unknown . Having always been fascinated by Abraham Lincoln, I picked it up.

Lincoln The Unknown
A mesmerizing book about America’s Favorite President

After a few months of sitting on my bookshelf along with my other neglected books, I decided it was time for the storage bin, to be read when I have more time. But as I was lowering it into the bin, the cover opened to the title page and revealed it was written by Dale Carnegie, the inspiring and world-renowned author of How To Win Friends and Influence People and other excellent books.

The book didn’t go in storage.
Instead, I found myself turning page after page at every free moment,
and even waking up early in the morning to read some more.

I highly recommend Lincoln The Unknown . This captivating book delves into little known facts about the president who united the nation. I found myself mystified by his tenacity to overcome obstacle after obstacle and Christlike ability to turn the other cheek again and again and again. Here was a man who willingly and knowingly sacrificed his own life for the greater cause of a unified nation.

This recommendation for Lincoln The Unknown comes in great timing, too. Did you know that Lincoln the movie is coming out this November (click here to view the trailer)? This book will give you a terrific background of understanding and revering President Lincoln before seeing the film.

Happy reading!

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