A New Year’s Tradition

I got this idea from Sunny, who seems to always have great ideas for preserving memories. It's simple, yet keeps a good record of family history that is fun to look back on. Each year at New Year's, each member of the family fills out a form answering questions about themselves, the past year, and things to look forward to this next year. Most of the fun comes from "looking back" and reflecting on answers from years' past. I keep all the papers in a folder that I keep with my holiday decorations so it is always easy to be found at this time of year.

Here are some suggested questions:

  1. What was the best part of this year?
  2. What is something that is scary to you?
  3. What is a good joke you heard this year?
  4. What is an accomplishment you are proud of this year?
  5. What is a goal for you for this next year?
  6. What do you think will be different in your life one year from now?

Speaking of Sunny, last New Years' she posted about a great personalized Bingo generator that her husband created. Because it is personalized, it is a really fun idea for New Years', and great for other holidays and celebrations as well. Here's a link to her post, where you can download the free “do-it-yourself” Bingo Generator program”. It's a free program and she just asks that credit be given where it's due -- and that you share it with friends!!

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