A tip for Morning Sickness Sufferers

I have just exited the first trimester of my 6th child and good riddance. I absolutely hate first trimester, as I’m sure so many women do. There’s something about nausea that is simply not pleasant. There are so many things I’ve heard of that help the nausea…crackers first thing in the morning, snacks several times a day, ginger. They all work to a degree, but this time around, I heard something new that worked wonders.

When I visited a midwife for an interview, I mentioned that the nausea was worse on this baby than on every other. She asked if I was eating snacks often, and I told her I was. Then, she asked me if they were always protein snacks. I admitted they weren’t. They were usually carbs or fruits, since I had heard that a drop in sugar level is what can cause the nausea.

That’s where I learned my lesson. She explained that the drop in sugar level and the inability of the body to regulate it in first trimester is usually the culprit, BUT, fruit and carbs only fix it for a few minutes, bringing it back up temporarily. She hit it on the nail when she guessed that I felt better while eating, but that the nausea returned immediately upon finishing my snack.

Protein, she explained, would keep the sugar up at it’s normal level for much longer, leading to a decrease in nausea. She suggested the following snacks that I could grab in a rush:

-String Cheese

-Cheese and crackers

-Apples and Cheese

-Beef Jerky



-Trail Mix

-Celery and Peanut butter (or Carrots for me. Strange I know, but I love it!)

I trusted her and tried it and she was right. Instantly, my nausea would leave while I was eating the protein snacks, but this time it stayed away much longer, giving me time to finally do all the the things I felt too sick to do during my pregnancy.

Now, I wish I could say it cured all, but it doesn’t, but it does lessen the nausea and gave me much more time in between bouts. I hope it works for you!

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