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Ahh…see that smile on my face?  That’s a genuine smile.  I love my family.  I love the 4th of July.  I love the beach.  I love ice-cream.  And the day this picture was taken, I was getting the combination of it all.  Ahhh…that’s a real smile!

I’m Kerri and I live in Chicago.  My husband and I have three busy kids:

An inquisitive, passionate 4-year old boy,

A sweet, peacemaking 2-year-old son,

And a beautiful 1-year-old daughter with shining eyes who everyone falls in love with. 

We do too, every day.  
In college, I received my degree in Early Childhood Education.  Perhaps I wanted to be a teacher at one point, but I really did it to be a Mom.  I taught in preschools in Illinois, California, and Utah before our first son was born, and in that setting I found the energy that comes from really connecting with kids, getting down on their level, and seeing the world from their eyes.  I loved creating a world for them to explore and watching as they made incredible dicoveries.  As a mom, I try to apply these things in my own home…

…but I’m afraid no textbook or school setting could have prepared me enough for being a fulltime teacher, nurse, counselor, referee, launderer, seamstress, chef, social planner, wife, secretary, chauffer, cleaning lady, accountant, soccer mom…everything!

So how do I do it?  I create adventures.  I create fun.  I find field trips in ordinary things, like the post office, the dry cleaners, even the grocery store.  I try to make each day memorable, not just livable.  Bloggable, not just marked off the calendar.  My boys start the day asking “What adventures do we have today.”…ahh, I’ve trained them well.

I love being with friends, hosting parties, playing games, laughing, and being with my family.  My greatest supports in life are my husband and my sisters, who know me far deeper than anyone else.  They keep me grounded through the hard times, but let me sail through the good.  Each day is an adventure to discover who I am and who I want to be.  I’m learning to bridge that gap. 

Welcome to my adventure.


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About Kerri

Ahh…see that smile on my face? That’s a genuine smile. I love my family. I love the 4th of July. I love the beach. I love ice-cream. And the day this picture was taken, I was getting the combination of it all. Ahhh…that’s a real smile!
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