Almonds: The Heartburn Remedy

Heartburn has always been one of my least favorite and yet worst symptoms of pregnancy. About 3 months out from delivery, I start getting the worst heartburn that leaves me eating bland and tasteless foods, drinking tons and tons of milk to counter the burn, and sleeping upright with pillows.

But, I found a solution: ALMONDS!

I told my midwife about my plight and she gave me a whole bunch of herbs and remedies to try. Top of her list: Raw Almonds. Since they seemed like the simplest approach, I bought a bag. It didn’t take long for heartburn to hit. That night, after a rather bland, but not bland enough, meal, I felt the burn set in. I ate 4 raw almonds and Voila! The heartburn was gone and stayed gone. I was shocked. I have tried so many remedies and none have worked so well.

In fact, I’ve gotten so confident with my almonds, that I’ve even allowed a little bit of spice in my life. When I walked past the Pepper Jack Cheese Ball a few seconds ago, I immediately rejected it knowing it woudl immediately induce heartburn. But, it looked so good. I checked to make sure I had enough almonds and went for it! Yep, up came the heartburn. I grabbed a few almonds and the heartburn was gone. So, now I’m eating the almonds intermittently with the cheese ball and I’m a happy camper!

Oh, one little tip: If you don’t like almonds (I don’t), add just a few chocolate chips and it’s a very tasty treat!

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