Always Look on The Bright Side

I love the part in the stage production of "Annie" where Annie has a conversation with some homeless people in Hooverville:

A Hobo: “What about empty pockets?”

Annie: “At least you have pockets.”

Hobo: “What about freezing fingers?”

Annie: “Good thing you have empty pockets!”

Hobo: “How about using newspapers for a blanket?”

Annie: “Well, you can always read in bed!”

I think we can all agree that there are a lot of unpleasantries in life. However, growing up, my mom always taught me "If you look for the bad, you'll find it." Lately, I've encountered several people who seem to seek out the bad and then gripe about it. It makes me sad. Not only because I don't like hearing complaining, but also because I know people would be a lot happier if they looked on the bright side, instead of looking for the bad side.

When my husband and I are looking for a new restaurant to go to or a new doctor, we often check the reviews online. Almost 90% of the reviews are complaints. It sure paints a bad picture when all you see are people complaining about something and it is a good way to prevent you from ending up with the same experience that they had. But the truth of the matter is, if someone wants to find the bad, they will. There were probably 100 people who had a good experience for every 1 bad experience, but the people who enjoyed their time don't take the time to write about it.

My challenge to you, and to me, is to take the time out of our lives this week and compliment as many people as you can for the good you see them doing. Maybe it is writing a positive review online. Maybe it is thanking the janitor for mopping up the spill in aisle 4. Or maybe it is just telling someone they're doing a great job. Whatever it is, I'm sure we can all find a little more to be grateful for and show our gratitude for it.

Tell us about your experiences! What good did you see around you this week?

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