Are those “Win a Prize” drawings real?

Ever see those ads in small publications that ask you to enter your name and contact info to win a prize?  It’s just a scam right?  They’re just wanting to build their subscribers’ lists.

Well, I am here to tell you it can be legit.  I WON A TRIP TO LAS VEGAS!!!!

The photo entered into the Hawaii Parent Magazine, declaring me a winner!!!

I never enter these drawings because I reason that the slim chances of me winning are not worth my time in money.  But I did anyway.  Hawaii Parent Magazine is a local small magazine the “free” types you find in doctors’ offices.  All I did was enter my name and email address on their online site, and ba-da-bing! I won!!!  Then it got me thinking, I wonder how many people actually entered into the drawing.  Afterall, it was a local contest.

So if you are at all like me and are skeptical about entering local contests, I say do it! Your chances of winning are much higher than entering a contest at a national level, like the ones you see on Coca-Cola or on TV.

I’d end my post there, but I assume you may want to know how the trip went.  It was sooo much fun.  Not a gambler myself, my overworked husband and I just wanted to sleep and eat (all free food)

Just getting started...

and skate. And that’s pretty much all we did, just my husband and I.  No kids to worry about, no schedule, no pressure.  Was it worth it?  Oh yeah!!  Every (free) penny of it.

So go for it!  And if you happen to win a trip to Hawaii, be sure to look me up.

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One Response to Are those “Win a Prize” drawings real?

  1. Kerri says:

    Hey, did you know that Cheri was the GRAND PRIZE winner of a YEAR SUPPLY of Huggies Diapers? True story. All the coupons are shiny and silvery–just like a GRAND PRIZE should look like! Somehow, we only get the phone calls saying we’ve won a trip and –oh yeah, there’s a time share presentation blah blah blah…

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