Baby Food Maker Machine

Baby food jars can cost between $.40 to $1.50 (if you’re in Hawaii). Why not make baby food from the food you have at home?

magic bullet
Magic Bullet Blender

baby bullet blender
Baby Bullet Blender

My sister Cheri told me about the Baby Bullet, a small blender made specifically for making baby food. At first I was a skeptic. I mean, come on, I’ve already got a VitaMix, the ultra blender super machine. Why would I need another blender?

Well, I happened to acquire a Magic Bullet from a friend who was moving away. It was wasting away in my cupboard and after trying out my sister’s “Baby Bullet”, I decided I ought to give it a try. I am no longer a skeptic. Now I love it.

If suitable, you can easily place whatever the rest of your family is having for dinner in one of the Magic or Baby Bullet containers and whip it up for baby. Or with a bit of water you can blend up some fruit or cooked veggies.

The Magic Bullet comes with mug-shaped containers. The Baby Bullet comes with slightly smaller containers (with cute little smiley faces on them, too!). You place the food in the container, screw on the blade base, and easily turn it clockwise on the blender. This starts the blender. Turn it counterclockwise and the blender turns off.

What makes the Magic Bullet and Baby Bullet better than a Blender Regular blenders have blades that are elevated above the base. The Bullet blades are so close to the base, so there is no issue of having food getting stuck under the base and not getting blended.

The Magic Bullet and Baby Bullet’s small containers and rounded bottoms (which then become the tops when placed upside down on the blender base) force all food in the container to be blended. No more pushing or “plunging” the food downward, or scraping unblended food from the sides of the container.

It is lightweight and small. Going on a trip to Grandma’s and still want to blend your baby’s food? It’s easy to take with. And it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your countertop.

The storage containers are so convenient. Although the baby blender containers are smaller than the Magic Bullet containers, both have lids and sturdy bases so they can be used to store the food as well. And the Baby Bullet also comes with baby food jars as well as frozen silicone trays to allow you to store baby food or freeze some for future use.

I still use my blender every day, but when I make smaller quantities, like baby food, I always use my Magic Bullet. My one complaint is the name. “Magic Bullet? Baby Bullet?” Is that really the best they could come up with? Anyway, name aside, this is a really cool kitchen gadget that is a “must have” for all moms that don’t want to spend bucko bucks on baby food.

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