Baking Bacon

It’s 8:15 and I have a chiropractor appointment in 45 minutes.  My children are still in bed, I’m still in my pajamas, my sister in law is arriving with her 5 children in just 6 hours and my house is a DISASTER…but I just had to post this really quickly.  I used to hate cooking bacon.  I hated the time, the mess, the burns…then I realized I hadn’t posted about the GREATEST way to cook bacon!!!  I’m a recent convert to this method and I LOVE it.  I first saw it on Our Best Bites a year ago and thought it looked awesome.  But then when my friend mentioned that she cooks bacon that way too, I knew I just HAD to try it.  And guess what?!  It makes the BEST bacon ever AND there is no babysitting a griddle, getting spit at by grease, and having nasty melted blubber all over your floor, counter, and griddle.  Ahhh…

So here’s what you do (go to OBB for pictures and detailed instructions).  Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.  Cover a cookie sheet with edges with tin foil.  If you want, put in a rack so the bacon isn’t cooking in its fat.  But if you don’t care and want the extra flavor, just line the pan with the bacon.  They can be right next to each other, touching even, so you don’t have to worry about spacing them.  I can fit a whole package on one jelly roll pan. 

Pop it in the oven, set the timer for 12-16 minutes (I like mine on the extra crispy side, so I usually do 16-18 minutes) and then forget about it…until the time rings.  Then, pull them out of the oven, line a plate with paper towels, transfer the bacon to the plate to drain, and enjoy!  It is AWESOME!!  C’mon, admit it.  You’re going to find an excuse to use bacon just so you can try this…

(**please note that Kerri tried this many years ago and it started a grease fire in her oven.  However, she is the only one I’ve heard of yet that had that experience.  Otherwise, every other person I’ve talked to who does this has never had a problem.  If your tray doesn’t have high enough sides or is uneven or your oven is prone to problems, perhaps try this under a very watchful eye.**)

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2 Responses to Baking Bacon

  1. Brent says:

    My teenagers cooked breakfast for the family this morning and tried this method. Worked perfectly. Thanks, Cheri!

  2. Kerri says:

    disclaimer to the grease fire: Steve and I were totally newly weds, still on fragile ground of not wanting to rock the boat too much. When he suggested we bake it since that’s what his mom aways did, I said we could try it and hid my skepticism. We didn’t have a tray with edges…hence the fire. That’s when I came to the rescue. Just as he wanted to throw water on the flames, I stopped him and threw on the flour. Worked like a charm — a mess, but a charm. And the bacon tasted great. We still cook it this way … but with the right cookie sheet.

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