Bedtime Math

Bedtime Math

I am a firm believer in reading, and a bedtime story is one of the highlights of the day. Lately we’ve been introduced to a website called Bedtime Math that has added a new delight to bedtime. 

We signed up to get daily emails, which helps me remember to take time for math. Then, if we are ready for bed on time (it turns out that Bedtime Math is a great motivator for my girls!), we pull up the email. There is always a bit of interesting information about anything from bees to noodles and then math questions that have to do with that topic.  For example, the other day we learned a little about robots, which included a link to a You Tube video we enjoyed watching as well, and then had math questions about robots.

Each days’ topic includes related questions for different levels: wee ones, little kids, big kids, and then often a bonus question. Scroll down, and the answers are all there, too.

They’ve made a few entertaining videos that ask math questions as well.  My 4-year-old particularly likes the Costco video, though it’s my 8-year-old who does the math.

They even have a Bedtime Math app!  One night my laptop was out of battery so we used the app on my husband’s ipad, and the girls loved taking turns touching the stars and such when they were ready to check their answer or were ready for the harder questions.

Now when the kids get tucked in bed, I regularly hear, “Let’s do math!”

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