Bread Heels and Bread Crumbs

Do you sometimes find nothing but the two heels when you go to get a piece of bread? No one in my family likes the heels of store bought bread, and though I'll eat them and try to hide them by putting the outside inside of a sandwich, two heels per loaf is still too many.

child eating bread leaving the heel, save heels for bread crumbs

Then I had a "duh" moment when one day I tried a new recipe that called for fresh bread crumbs, and I had to make them out of perfectly good center-of-the-loaf slices of bread. Now when I open a bag of bread and find a heel on top, I put it in a bag in the freezer. When I have a recipe that calls for bread crumbs, I've got plenty of heels that I run through the food processor. They're even healthier than buying bread crumbs, since we eat whole grain bread. If you want dry crumbs, do it ahead of time and let them dry out over night.

Now, any good recipes calling for bread crumbs?

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