Bringing Sweetness to the Rush of the Season

Ah, the Christmas joys of this time of year!  The sugarplum fairies that dance in our heads, the caring and the sharing, the giving and the getting of gifts and Christmas cards, and holiday home-baked cookies for Santa, because, as we teach our children, “he has worked all night, and this can show him our gratitude”.

And perhaps there are those around us who, like Santa, are working double-time to help us spread the joy of the season to our friends and family.  There are people, often strangers, who are intertwined and often essential in this “giving and getting” that can easily be overlooked and quite likely don’t even make it on our own list of recipients.

The first time I noticed these “Santa Claus” workers was 2 years ago in a post offce.  I watched the over-worked postal workers work at double speed to care for the packages and letters of hurried customers, each rushing to get their packages sent out before it’s too late to arrive on Christmas.

The customers, relieved their package got sent, would often leave with little expression of gratitude and the postal worker would hollar, “Next!

The next time I came in I brought a plate of cookies and a “thank you” for working in high gear to help spread someone else’s holiday cheer.

And how about the employees at shops in the midst of the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, especially at grocery stores, gas stations, and large stores like Walmart or Target where some work on Christmas Eve, or even Christmas day.  Sure they’re getting paid overtime, but often you can tell in their eyes they’d rather be somewhere else.

Or how about the Salvation Army bell ringers and others who try to bring joy to those less fortunate?

Just like Santa, they’d all probably enjoy a plate of cookies, (or truffles, like the posts below), or at least a great “thank you”.   Having your kids join in the baking and giving can teach them lessons of gratitude, as well.

Post a comment with anyone else you can think of who sometimes gets lost in the rush of the season, or a comment about your own experience sharing gratitude with the often overlooked.

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