Broke Your Blender? Here’s a CHEAP Solution!

Last weekend, my friend was visiting our home and noticed that we have the same blender they used to have. She offered to give us her base since she no longer has the glass pitcher after it lost a battle with her floor. I thought again how much I love my blender and how I would be SO sad to break my glass pitcher.

Not two days later, I broke my glass pitcher.

Can you believe it!? We’ve had our blender for over 7 years and have loved it thoroughly. As soon as it broke, I got online to find a replacement pitcher. Imagine my despair when I learned that our blender is no longer in production and therefore finding a replacement pitcher is pretty much impossible.

I called my friend to share the irony of breaking my blender just days after we talked about it and she passed along a juicy nugget of unknown wonderfulness that has revolutionized my life. She told me that most blender pitchers are compatible with each other because, when blenders were originally created, they were made compatible with regular or wide mouthed mason jars.

I was so excited so yesterday I headed out to Goodwill to see if they had any blenders. No luck. Next, Savers. No luck. Sure, they had other blenders, but theirs fit regular mouthed jars, not wide, like mine. I went to two mom and pop thrift stores, no luck. Finallly, I just bought a refurbished, lower-end blender from Big Lots since it would save me $60 to buy that instead of a whole new replacement blender like mine.

But when I got home, I just couldn’t bring myself to open the box and use it. So I ran downstairs, grabbed a wide mouthed mason jar, and experimented with making a smoothie in a jar. Guess what?! It worked! Perfectly! I am SO excited!

Instead of saving $60, I just saved $100. Sweet.

Here’s how to do it. First, don’t break your pitcher. But if you do, don’t throw away the base, the gasket, and the blade. Second, find out what quart-size mason jar your base fits. Then…

Enjoy it! I just tossed a straw into my quart jar and used it as a glass!

This works great for all things, but consider whipping cream, chopping nuts, grinding spices…It is especially wonderful because there are no nooks or crannies for your food to hide in!!

(Remember, a quart mason jar is 32 oz. A regular blender pitcher is 48-, 50-, or 56-oz. Alter your recipes accordingly.)

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2 Responses to Broke Your Blender? Here’s a CHEAP Solution!

  1. Molly says:

    I’m with Sunny: this sounds better than a regular blender. I am going to try this!

  2. Sunny says:

    I love it–you can just put on a lid and pop it in the fridge to store whatever you just blended, there’s less waste from transferring blended foods, they go in the dishwasher, you can have several of them–wow, in a lot of ways, this seems better than the regular blender jar!

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