Building Memories WILL last a lifetime

I just returned from visiting some friends. Some old friends who, through the years of life have acquired many, many experiences, met hundreds of people, and seen hundreds of events They are both in their ’80’s and both on the teetering edge of life. He is losing a battle with cancer and she has alzheimers.

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My beautiful, wise friends

As he and I spoke, there was only one thing he wanted to talk about, and that was his family. He spoke about the time when he was young and the principles his parents taught him. He talked about how he and his 16 siblings all took care of each other, and how his parents taught them to help others, and they’ll help you.

A few years ago my girls and I visited “Sister Wu”. Besides sharing her ailing woes, she talked about her family, her husband in particular.

And of course there are my own grandparents whose minds also reflect back to their families.

Because in the end, isn’t family all that matters? A friend shared with me the reason she and her husband take their kids camping, read stories, play games, and just have fun together. She said it’s because a big part of parenting is to give your kids good memories to rely on when they get older.

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Building Memories

So go on, make a memory today with your kids. They just might still be talking about it when they’re old!

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