Caked on Gunk–Gone?

I just came across the coolest thing I've ever seen which is a) a pan saver, b) a money saver, c) a time saver, and d) an earth saver. Does it get better than that!?

My muffin tins and jelly roll pans are pretty...gunky. You know, sprayed on, baked on, burnt on stuff that isn't coming off in this milennium. Imagine my delight when I read this post on Sugar Bee Crafts, which led me to this post on the Autocrat, which led me to this post on

If you don't want to click thru all those links, here's the idea. Take your gunky pan, either fill it with warm water or put it in the sink (or bathtub?!) with warm water and toss a dryer sheet (or two if they are used) in with it. Leave it for a few hours or over night and the gunk de-gunks! Wow!

My favorite idea, after that one of course, is to SAVE dryer sheets after they've been used instead of throwing them away. Of course, you probably all save your old dryer sheets. But the post says that you can use old dryer sheets too to de-gunk. Someone else commented that they keep the dryer sheets to clean off their dashboard in their car. Genious. I'm going to start saving my dryer sheets today.

And I'm going to try out this de-gunking method...after we move and I unpack my gunky pans...

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One Response to Caked on Gunk–Gone?

  1. Kerri says:

    I used to save my dryer sheets to sweep the bathroom floor…honestly, NOTHING gets all that hair and lint up like a dryer sheet (and cheaper than a swiffer).

    I collect all the dryer lint, too, because it is the best fire-starter I know for our campfires or marshmallow roasts. I just have a small basket on top of the dryer where I keep it until we need it!

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