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Older and Younger Kids

When I was a kid, I thought it was a little strange when I found out a friend of mine had older siblings that I didn’t even know about. They were married already. Later I thought that families that had … Continue reading

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A while ago,Heidi shared her wonderful experiences with Living Social and Groupon. Today, I want to share how much I love If you’ve used it before, hopefully you love it. If you haven’t tried it, go online and search … Continue reading

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Driving Lessons

I barely remember it now, but when my oldest child was a preschooler, we started driving lessons. I remember something falling through in our schedule and suddenly having a few minutes to ourselves. Not enough time to go anywhere and … Continue reading

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Healthy Eating Dinner Group

I love going out to eat with my husband. I love leaving the kids behind for a couple of hours and not planning anything for dinner and having a peaceful meal and no dishes to do afterwards (at least not … Continue reading

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Anniversary Getaways…Worth every penny.

Today is my anniversary.  I’ve been married for 11 years and have loved every single anniversary.  But only the last 6 have gotten truly high marks from me.  Why? Anniversary Getaways.  They are definitely worth every penny or THE penny … Continue reading

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Quality Babysitting–My Soapbox

A while ago, my cousin approached me and asked me to write a list or guideline to help her daughters prepare to become babysitters.  They had taken care of their siblings before, but were just coming of age to take … Continue reading

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