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Hawaiian Chili Water – YUM!

chili water

#2 Reason Why Hawaii is so Cool: They’ve Got Chili Water When I was first introduced to it, I was hesitant. I thought it would be spicy. I mean, it’s called “Chili Water”, so wouldn’t you think the same? And … Continue reading

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DIY Climbing Wall

IMG 20130115 110014

I totally loved this idea at my friend’s house! They had built a wooden shed on the side of their house, and creatively crafted a climbing wall on the outside. Taking pieces of scrap wood, they cut them into any kind of shape, smoothed it out a bit and screwed them in. That’s it. Continue reading

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Birthday Party – Island Style

IMG 20130112 103808

My daughter’s birthday party was so super fun, and I want to share what we did so that you might be inspired when planning your next child’s birthday. I first want to give credit to Family Fun magazine for giving … Continue reading

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Ring in Peace


Ring in peace — literally. I gifted myself early this year with these seemingly magical chimes. Called ZENERGY chimes, these chimes are so well crafted that the tone resonates with perfect clarity and seem to have the effect of cleansing … Continue reading

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How to Keep Christ in “Christmas”

IMG 20121212 061253

How many other moms are being asked 3 times a day, “How many days until Christmas?” We started a tradition a few years ago that helps us keep Christ the center of our Christmas holiday as well as help the … Continue reading

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A Better Way To Praise America

IMG 20110818 094501

This may be a bit of a “soap-stand” post, but as moms with children in school, I believe I may be speaking to a wide audience of readers that have the same concern and the same ability as I to … Continue reading

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A Fascinating book about Abraham Lincoln

I could not put it down. As I was shopping at a local thrift store recently, a faded green book with worn edges caught my eye. All it said on the cover was Lincoln The Unknown . Having always been … Continue reading

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I Love this Shark Vacuum


For many years I’ve been a Dyson user. I found it frustrating to use, but having been sold by Dyson’s pitch of being “the best vacuum in the world”, I was hesitant to settle for anything less. Well, when I … Continue reading

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Baby Food Maker Machine

magic bullet

Baby food jars can cost between $.40 to $1.50 (if you’re in Hawaii). Why not make baby food from the food you have at home? Magic Bullet Blender Baby Bullet Blender My sister Cheri told me about the Baby Bullet, … Continue reading

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How to Protect Valuables from Theft (You’re gonna love it)

theft security1

Okay, Mamas, introducing the ULTIMATE anti-theft security system! Leaving valuables in your car? No problem. Want to take a dip in the ocean but need to leave your wallet on the beach. Not to worry. Watching your kids on the … Continue reading

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