Children’s Tent – A Perfect Getaway…Hideout…Reading Nook…Outdoor Shade…Bed…anything!!

Recently my 3 year old earned an award for staying dry (ie- "potty training bribe"). It was the "Bella Butterfly Cabin Tent" designed by David Kirk, author of the well-known Little Miss Spider books. It was supposed to be a replacement for her shabby, torn little tent she likes to sleep in, but when I pulled the butterfly tent of the box, I realized this wasn't an equal replacement -- this one was way cooler! It is like a child's dream tent.

Bella Butterfly Tent

Bella Butterfly Cabin Tent by David Kirk

This tent and the others in his line are whimsical, with colorful bugs and flowers dancing along the sides, and functional. Here are other cool tents by David Kirk that I found on Amazon:

Blossom Bright Playhouse

Blossom Bright Playhouse by David Kirk

Sunny Patch Playhouse

David Kirk's Sunny Patch Playhouse

I love the mesh ceiling and the tie-up window that allows for good air flow (and allows for me to discreetly check on my sleeping child). It's a pop-up tent -- (you know, like those windshield covers?), meaning any fool can set it up, but it could take a master's degree in origami to fold it up completely. However, folding it enough to store flat is easy enough.

It is also large enough for a child up to 5 years old to lay down straight. (Dimensions: 38"X41"X41") The bottom is completely covered, with loops for stakes if you're going to use it outdoors.

What I most love about it is its sleeping power that way outweighs any lullaby I could sing. My child is soo excited to take a nap or go to bed because she gets to sleep in a tent! And what's more, since she is enclosed, this makes her sleeping area a bit more dark and there are less distractions to keep her awake. This means she falls asleep sooner and wakes up later. Okay, moms-of-nappers, doesn't this sound awesome?

Ready for the next best thing? These tents are cheap -- starting at only $19.99 on Amazon. This makes a great gift -- or, in my case, bribe.

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