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When we were growing up, our mom had a chore chart taped to the inside of the cupboard door. Our typical daily chores were: Set the table, Clear the table, Unload the dishwasher, Load the dishwasher, Sweep the floor. Our typical weekly chores were: Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Laundry Room, Family Room, Basement, Study, and Entrance/Halls/Stairs. Besides the last one, does that sound familiar to anyone? It seems like chores are pretty standard and typical from home to least the rooms in the home are and the things that need to be done around mealtime.

I really did enjoy having an assigned task when I was growing up so I wanted to start the same chores with my kids. Trying to remember who had what when to avoid the fighting and complaints about "I ALWAYS set!" or "I did that yesterday!" seemed too complicated, but simply having a list taped inside a cupboard door didn't seem exciting enough to capture my girls' attention. So I made a chore wheel.

(Here's an example of a chore wheel you can make)

The first wheel I made was to organize assignments for a family activity we have weekly. This one was a simple circle divided into four parts. I printed it in color, laminated it, and put a brad in the middle so it could spin. It has served us well. But I made it before our youngest was born, so I need to update it (preferrably before our next youngest will be born).

The second wheel I made, I didn't put as much time and energy into. I just drew it on cardstock, colored it, cut it out, and stuck something in the middle to make it spin. It works well, is really uneven, and gets bent easily because it is not laminated. I definitely prefer the first version.

But the second version allowed me more flexibility. I could give all the assignments I wanted to one kid for the entire day. I like that.

I made up some copies of different sized wheels for you to print out and write what you want on them. There's a 4-, 5-, and 6- person version. I know many of you need more than that, so play around with Word or Publisher and create whatever you need for your family. Just click here, print out the big and small of the shape you need, cut them out, label your names and chores on the correct spaces, and put the small on top of the big as shown on the third page of each shape (you don't need to cut out the third page). Stick a brad in the middle and you've got a chore wheel. Or go all out and laminate each piece before sticking together. You'll be glad you did.

Enjoy sharing in the work so you can all share in the play!

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