Christmas Eve Traditions

Throughout my growing up years we had a plethora of traditions for Christmas Eve. My Mom did everything she could to make it a special, memorable experience. I loved Christmas Eve, almost even more than Christmas itself. Now, as a parent, I find myself looking for the right combination of traditions to help my children's memories of the season burn bright in their hearts for years to come.

For several years, we've had a certain tradition that made Christmas Eve special. But, this year we decided to do it a few weeks early. So, again, I find myself looking for new traditions. I've asked around and gotten a pretty good list. If you have others to add, please comment and let me know. Hopefully this list will help you, too!

  1. Perform the Nativity
  2. Read Luke 2
  3. Read Luke 2 while a candle burns brightly in a piece of birthday cake. When the reading is over, blow out the candles.
  4. Go see Christmas Lights throughout the town.
  5. Go iceskating or sledding as a family.
  6. Serve food at a soup kitchen.
  7. Go Caroling.
  8. Serve at a nursing home or care center.
  9. Find someone in need and deliver gifts on Christmas Eve.
  10. Deliver treats to tired employees at Grocery stores.
  11. Watch a holiday movie together.
  12. Open the first gift of Christmas...often, this seemed to be a family activity (movie, puzzle, or game) or pajamas.
  13. Hide the pickle. If you haven't heard of this tradition, check out my past blog about it. This also involves opening the First Gift of Christmas.
  14. Make Chex Mix together as a family.
  15. Deliver secret goodies to friends and neighbors.
  16. Write down the gift you would give to the Christ Child...a sacrifice you'll make this year, a habit you will change, etc. Wrap it in a box and set aside for next year when you will open it and "give it to him".
  17. Make cookies for Santa.
  18. Sing Christmas Carols.
  19. Build a Fire in the fireplace.
  20. Read a special Christmas book as a family.
  21. Have a Bethlehem dinner. I know this is Sunny's tradition and wish I knew more about it, but it sounds like a great day to remind us of the First Christmas.

The one thing I noticed is that everyone's traditions is centered around family. Whatever you and yours choose to do this holiday, I hope it is wonderful, happy, and bright for you. Wishing you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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