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Christmas is busy enough, but one thing I feel is worth a bit of extra work is getting together with neighbors to remember what Christmas is really about.  Because I want them to know this is special, I want to give an actual invitation, not just send an email.  And because we all need to be careful how we spend our time, I thought I’d keep it simple and give you this printable in case it can save you some time this season.

For each invitation, you will need 3 pages: a cover, page 2, and page 3.  If you happen to want the same text that I used, you can print it with the text.  If you want to put your own text in, you can download the pdf and add your own text in your favorite editor.  Or handwrite it in.

Christmas Gathering invitation printables:

blank cover (4 per page)

cover with writing (4 per page)

blank pages 2 and 3 with white centers (2 sets per page)

page 2 with writing, page 3 blank, white centers (2 sets per page)

pages 2 & 3, solid, no writing (2 sets per page)

Gather a few family members around the table and everyone can help cut the “ornaments” out, stack the 3 parts in order, punch holes in the top, and tie ribbons.

I know it’s not perfect, like it would be nice if the smaller “ornaments” had a longer stem so they all met evenly at the top.  But as my 6 year-old told me yesterday, “It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Only Jesus is perfect.”  And coming from a particularly particular child, that itself is a Christmas miracle.

I realized when I opened my new package of envelopes, that in my rush of deciding between the different choices, I ended up purchasing blank cards instead of the envelopes.  I did not want to go back out to the hussle and bussle, so I decided to wrap my invitations in gift paper envelopes.  I put a sticker gift tag on each one and sent my kids out to deliver them to the neighbors.

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