Christmas Yarn Ball

This is a tradition in my husband’s family. We did it with a group of friends last Christmas Eve and it was really fun.

What you need is:

Plenty of small toys, like toy soldiers, rubber ducks, small cars, whoopee

cushions, candy, etc.  Wrap them if desired.

At least 2 balls of yarn, preferably Christmas colors

Wrap one toy with the end of one of the balls of yarn.  Continue to wrap in a ball like shape. Then add another toy by wrapping it in the yarn.  Continue in this fashion until all the toys are wrapped up inside a big ball of yarn.

On Christmas Eve or Christmas day, everyone sits in a circle.  The person beginning the game holds the end of the ball of yarn, then throws the ball of yarn to someone in the circle.  That person holds onto the yarn and throws the ball to someone else.  As the ball of yarn unwraps, the yarn will make a pattern between all the players, and, best of all, toys will start POPPING out of the yarn ball!  Whomever is the recipient of the yarn ball after the toy is released gets to keep that toy.  Or for more fun, you can do it piñata style, and have people dive for the escaped toy.

Have fun, and happy playing!

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