Civil Duties

I am ashamed to admit this. I did not vote last night in the Republican Primaries. I wanted to, but I didn't. Why? Because I am not registered to vote. At least not in our new city. Sure, we moved here 6 months ago, but since we did not change our driver's licenses, we've never taken the opportunity to register in our new city. When we found out voting day was approaching much faster than we expected (since we never watch the news), we didn't have time to get registered. Sure, we could have gone to our Caucus and filled out one of those special things. But we didn't. Yes, voting started after the kids were in bed. Yes, in the end it didn't matter because our candidate lost in our state by a HUGE margin. But still. It is my civil duty and RIGHT to vote. And I didn't. So, to all you who are in the same boat as me, please register. Please make sure your information is up to date. Please vote when it is your state's turn to vote. We cannot afford to stand idly by. If you're wondering when your state's voting day is, see this link.

Republican Party Primary 2012 Election Schedule

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