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I have recently been introduced to a great site where you can create customized designs from everything from Keds shoes and skateboards to t-shirts, hats, and necklace pendants.  And unlike other shops I have seen, this one does not have a minimal order amount.

It’s called Zazzle, and they have hundreds of items to choose from.

I have ordered plenty of items from them, and here’s what I have found:

The Good:

1. It is really easy (and fun) to use.  Simply copy and paste images, or upload them from your computer.

2. There are so many choices of styles once you decide on an item.

3. Customer service is friendly and responsive.  You can return items for a full refund if you are not satisfied.

4.  They often have sales on items.

5. Their shipping is very quick.

The Bad:

1.  It can be costly, especially if purchasing a small order

2. You don’t get to see a physical proof of the completed item before making an order, so sometimes it comes and it is not how you wanted it to be.  Fortunately, you can always return.

Given the pros and cons, if you’re looking for a personalized gift,  a thought-provoking mug, t-shirt with a statement, I’d suggest Zazzle as the way to go.

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  1. kerri says:

    I saw some of the shirts that Heidi created, and she’s right — they look great, high quality printing, and good styles of the shirts (no Hanes XL for women here). And when we accidentally ordered 20 shirts instead of 2 (our fault), they refunded our money for the extra 18 shirts we ordered when we sent them back. No problems. That was very impressive.

    ALSO, Heidi sent us some stickers and postcards that she made using some family photos and THEY ARE SO IRRESISTIBLY cute! What a clever Christmas present!

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