Dear Santa,

I am sure mine is not the only household at the moment to be occupied by little elves who are frantically deciding what to put on their lists to Santa. These letters will be sent up the chimney in due time (*ahem*, stored in a secret box to look back on in years to come). 

Sending a letter to Santa is only half as magical as receiving a letter from Santa himself. 
Click here to help your kids send an email to Santa and receive a fun and personal reply right away! 
Click here to create your own personalized letter from Santa for your children.  Mail it to them, if you want, or include it in the stack when you bring in the mail.  It’s also fun to have it printed out and waiting for them by the fireplace, near their stockings, “as Santa just stopped in to check on things last night.”
Want an extra special touch? 

You can get your Santa Letter, and even all your Christmas Cards, to appear as though they’ve come straight from the North Pole, or another Christmas-related city!  Just send all your letters (stamped, addressed, and ready-to-be-sent) in one big envelope to the postmaster in any of the US cities with Christmas related names (see list here), and they will postmark the envelopes and send them for you!  You can also include “Christmas Remailing” on the outside of your envelope, to help with sorting!

 For the North Pole, send to:

North Pole Christmas Cancellation
4141 Postmark Drive
Anchorage, AK 99530-99998

To ensure delivery by Christmas, get your envelopes postmarked by December 15! 
Have you ever wondered what happens to all those letters actually sent to the North Pole?  So did Jay Frankston, a young Jewish Man in 1942, who anonymously played Santa for 12 years in New York City by answering those letters piled up in the Post Office. 
This is a true story.  Jay Frankston is still alive, living in California. 
This story will make you laugh. 
It will make you cry.  
It will make you believe again in the magic of Christmas. 
And you may find yourself pondering ways you can answer someone else’s Christmas wish of “Dear Santa”.
 Best.  Christmas.  Book.  Ever.
Buy it today for your neighbors, friends, teachers, and family members.

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