DIY Backpack Tags

STOP! Before you graffiti your child’s school bags with their name written in bold permanent marker, consider this DIY tip from a relatively non-crafter:

Make your own School Bag ID tags in 10 minutes or less.

Their stinkin’ cute, stinkin’ easy, and definitely more personal than the Sharpie across the back.

Why do I feel like I must confess I’m a realtively non-crafter? Because I feel like I missed that gene in the Five Real Moms gene pool. So the fact that I figured this baby out on my own means you totally can do it too.

First: Search for a background. Your search will usually start with “free” and end with “background” or “wallpaper”: Exp: “Free Scrapbook Background” or “Free Mario Background” (like I did). etc. Copy or Insert the image into Word.


Second: Crop the images to fit 3.75″ height x 2.75″ width.

Third: Add any text you want using text boxes or by making the image’s layout “behind text”. If you use a text box, consider making it semitransparent. Don’t forget that you can download lots of free fonts to enhance your look (I downloaded the Super Mario Font).

Print the final card and cut it out to fit into a baseball card holder (3.75″ x 2.75″). I found them at Walmart, usually up by the checkout lines.

Use a hole punch in the top corner and feed it through a key ring. Secure to backpack. And Done! Be prepared to be the coolest Mom in your child’s eyes for a little while!

Of course, there are other tutorials out there, too. Like this one at, just be cautious about putting too much personal information on your child. This blog has a free ready made printable.

Or this one from

Or for the more crafty chic who wants to use fabric and a glue gun, there is this cute style from

Happy Schooling!

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