Fun Dry Erase Worksheets

Have you noticed that Five Real Moms seems to be on vacation? Well, in truth, most of us either have been or are getting ready be on vacation. Sorry for our lack of posting. We’re glad we’re missed!

We just returned from a road trip and are home for a week before heading off on another. With four little girls to keep happy in a car for a total of 45 hours in just a month, I came up with a few ideas that actually worked.

This idea is so simple and started as an idea for just placemats they could use at the table while waiting for dinner. But then, when I needed something for the car, I just punched holes in the side and slipped them into a binder, so I could whip them out and pass them around.

I went to this website and made a few handwriting sheets, printed and laminated them. I grabbed our dry erase markers and some tissues, and we were good to go. The girls loved working on them in the car. The possibilities here are endless. I also made math work sheets for my oldest daughter. You could do connect the dots, color by number, really anything you can think of!

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3 Responses to Fun Dry Erase Worksheets

  1. Sunny says:

    Love the tongue. I guess it needs to be emphasized that it’s DRY erase.

  2. Sarah says:

    We’ve been taking a similar activity to church for the kids to color on and they LOVE them. We have had a few issues with the markers, but someone suggested dry erase crayons. I haven’t tried them yet… but I’m sure we will soon!

  3. Tauna W. says:

    I’m curious if those dry erase markers are washable?

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