ESSENTIAL Swaddling Blanket

I have found it. For all our babies, we have been frustrated at the tiny little “swaddling” blankets that they outgrow (but not out-need) after they’re 2 weeks old. After they’ve outgrown them, we struggle to stretch the fabric tight enough to go around their growing bodies, just to find they have squirmed their way out of it a few minutes later and are now crying instead of sleeping.

My husband has joked about making a “straight-jacket” for babies, something that they won’t easily wiggle their way out of. A few days ago I received some hand-me-downs, and inside it was this gem, the rightly named “Miracle Blanket Swaddler”. The first time my baby was wrapped up in the Miracle Blanket Swaddler he slept through the night.

Made of soft, thin, stretchable fabric, this blanket made in a triangular shape with four distinguishable features: a pocket for baby’s legs and four swaths of fabric to wrap around Baby’s arms. Here’s how it’s done:

Baby's legs fit into a pocket sewn into the Miracle Blanket

A band of fabric wraps over one of Baby’s arms

Another band of fabric wraps over Baby’s other arm

Wrap the medium-sized swath of fabric around both arms

Wrap the large swath of fabric three times around Baby’s body

Wha-la! Baby is confy cozy and cannot easily wriggle out of the Miracle Blanket

My baby LOVES it. He sleeps so soundly when he is all wrapped up, and goes to sleep so quickly. In fact, I just put him down and here’s a photo of him five minutes later:

Sweet dreams, little one

— fast asleep and still wrapped up.

My baby is six months old and fairly on the larger side. The blanket still fits him, and probably will for another month. That’s a lot longer than the 2-week usage of ordinary swaddlers!

This blanket definitely makes it on my list of MUST HAVES for babies. In fact, I would rank it right up there with pacifiers and diapers. Having a baby of your own or going to a baby shower? Get this — you’ll be so happy you did — and so will your baby.

Happy sleeping.

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