Family Game Night

Playing games as a family is like eating dinner as a family. It strengthens your family. I know there are a lot of video games you can play as a family that are fun, too, but I'm talking about traditional games. Some games could be tag, hide and seek, bump in the dark, Ghost in the graveyard, etc. Other games could be sports based, like kickball or baseball. Or, they can be board games and card games.

Here are some of our favorite games that are great for young kids, besides the typical Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Memory.


Monopoly Jr.



Clue--We modify this one and put the people and the weapons in the rooms. Then we deal out 3 cards per person. The goal is to "collect" what cards you have. So if you have the candlestick, Col. Mustard, and the Library, you need to go to the Library, and to the rooms that have the candlestick and Col. Mustard on them. As you "collect" something, you remove it from the board (except for the rooms themselves), place it and the card aside, and then draw another card. The game is over when someone completes all their cards and there are no more to draw. The winner is the player who collected the most cards. It is fun!



My friend also recommends:

Pass the Pigs

Don't Spill the Beans

Yahtzee Jr.

If you're looking for a way to strengthen your family, or to enjoy your family more, or to help your children learn sportsmanship, or to help your children learn to take turns or how to count or about math or how to read, or to simply get your whole family engaged in the same non-technology activity for an hour, set aside one night a week for Family Game Night. Let's make a movement out of it!

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One Response to Family Game Night

  1. kerri says:

    we don’t have monopoly jr, but we enjoy regular monopoly together, too — modified of course.

    We roll the dice and move around the board. If it’s unowned, you get that card. If you already own it, you get a house to put on it, and you get to go again. If someone else owns it, the dice moves to the next player.

    Sometimes money gets involved with the chance cards and community chest, and we get $200 at Go. But we’re flexible at the money situation right now. Soon it will be good for math and such. But for now, we’re just having fun.

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