Fixing Broken Flip Flops

For the past 7 years, I have worn flip flops almost exclusively year round. When I moved to Minnesota, I finally bought some closed toe shoes, knowing that flip flops in January wouldn't be the brightest idea. I know flip flops aren't the best for your feet, but I hate shoes and I really hate socks. So flip flops give me the greatest amount of foot freedom while still at least keeping me from stepping on unpleasant things.

The problem is, flip flops break. I realize that most people probably don't care about that or it is now September and most people wouldn't care if their flip flops broke last week because it's time for real shoes. But in our house, flip flops breaking is a big deal. And would you believe that last week, my daughter's flip flops broke and not two days later, mine broke too!?

Not wanting to run out to the store and buy more, especially since they'd be hard to find this time of year, I referenced one of my favorite blogs and tried her suggestion. Over at Make It and Love It, Ashley suggests braiding t-shirt material to make new straps. I didn't follow all her steps, like I only made a three strand braid instead of 5. For my daughter's I used very narrow strips, whereas for mine I used slightly thicker. I also didn't quite construct them the same because I really didn't want a back strap.

But in the end, I love it! I fixed my flip flops at no cost and will get at least a few more weeks out of them before I'm forced into shoes and socks. And I don't think they look bad at all! I love that.

So if you're like me and still wearing flip flops in September, keep this in mind the next time your flip flops completely flop and you don't want to go buy more.

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3 Responses to Fixing Broken Flip Flops

  1. carol bee says:

    ditto all that about loving the ‘flops’
    thanks for re-inforcing my chagrin at having to lose a pair..even the cheap rubber ones
    like you, I wear ’em summer AND winter for slippers
    and really don’t LIKE anything ELSE on my FEET
    have resorted to mixing two colors just to HAVE a pair
    thank you SO much for posting!
    googled, never expecting to find this repair post..happy! happy!

  2. Amanda says:

    You never cease to amaze me! This is so cool! I wanna try this!

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