Get a Whole New Wardrobe for Free!

Summer is quickly arriving and you've likely gone through your closet, seeing what still fits. Whether you've met your New Year's Resolution or, like me, find that you'll never fit into those pre-baby jeans again, you've likely found an assortment of clothes you no longer wear. Put them to good use and hold a clothing exchange!

A few weeks ago, a friend and I sent out an evite to a bunch of friends and invited them to sort through their clothes and bring anything unwanted, but in good condition to my house with a dessert to share. About 10 people came, with bags of clothes. We laid them all out and then had a blast "shopping" for new clothes. A few women left with entirely new wardrobes. Others found a few perfect outfits. Others never intended to leave with anything, but were so excited to get rid of some clothes. Whatever the result, it was a fun night for all and a perfect way to recycle clothes.

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