Glow-in-the-dark Bathtime!

Go from awesome Mom to Awesome-er Mom,
according to your kids,
with this simple idea.

Materials needed:
a kid
a warm bath
no lights
Glow sticks, neckalces, or bracelets

Turn the lights out and combine all ingredients and stir.
Let sit and play for as long as they want!
LOVE it!

4:30 PM. Where I live that means the sun is already down in the winter time. Put a snowstorm on top of that cuts the electricity and then wonder what YOU would do with 3 kids who don't like this situation. And that's how this idea was born.

Since then, we have had Glow-in-the-Dark baths LOTS of times! Without fail it changes mid-day grumpy blues into all smiles and giggles, and makes the "I don't WANT to take a bath" argument ancience history.

The smaller bracelets or straight glow sticks are really fun for "diving sticks", too, and I've also come across Submersible Lights at Michaels (and other craft stores). With a coupon, they end up being only a couple dollars for a pack of 4!

So keep your eyes out next time your out shopping. I can often find the glow sticks at craft stores year round, and the summer is a great time to stock up on them. Thankfully I had a stash to whip out in a situation like this!

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  1. Molly says:

    What a cute idea! I’m sure my kids would LOVE this.

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