Great Family Movie

It seems hard to find a really great family movie these days. If you're looking for your next movie night smash hit, here it is. It's Mr. Bean's Holiday and is sure to become an instant favorite. Well, I guess that is if you like comedies.

When my brother brought this movie over for us to see, I thought "Honestly? Mr. Bean? That's just plain dumb." But then we watched it. And we laughed until we cried. It is now my daughters' favorite movies, particularly the 3-year old who will give you a play by play while she cracks up any time you want.

So if you haven't laughed for a while with your family, check out this movie and enjoy your night.

It's rated G and is entertaining for all ages, not just kids. We love it!

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  1. emily says:

    We just discovered that movie during Christmas time! We bought it for like a dollar on a Black Friday sale at Walmart and we laughed like crazy, too! Ok, so I know you love period dramas and I discovered a couple more I thought you might like. The Young Victoria, and Nicholas Nickleby (the version with Anne Hathaway). Love you, miss you, love the blog!

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