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I just wanted to pass on the current discount for the Family Fun Magazine. I am inspired with this magazine and the ideas and articles inside for me and the kids. So when I saw the price go this low I didn’t hestitate to subscribe (finally)…

You get a 2-year subscription to the Family Fun magazne for $12.

So, in a nutshell, that’s $6 per year of great family activities?
OK, I’m sold!

If you aren’t familiar with the glories of this magazine yet, you can re-read Heidi’s post about the magazine here, called A Binder for Boredom, and a Must Have for Mom.

They also have other magazines, too, like Kiwi and Cricket (pictured above), Parenting and Parenting School Years, and some good educational ones like Ranger Rick, Wild Animals Baby, and Big Backyard.

Check out the deal by clicking here.

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