Have a “Yes” Day!

Other moms say "Yes" to their kids more than I do.

Or maybe I say "No" to my kids more than other moms.

Or at least sometimes I feel that way.

Today I saw one mom driving her mini-van of car-seat kids and the three year old had his new Spiderman umbrella fully open as they drove. He was safely inside his car...on a sunny day...with no sign of rain.

Today I saw a little girl at the park in clearly her favorite snow boots...it's 65 degrees and no sign of snow. And they didn't match her outfit.

Today I saw two brothers riding their bikes around their block a half-hour past bedtime in their pajamas. And they were laughing and happy. And I looked at my two little boys riding around the block and I realized, a half hour later is a half hour more of bonding.

A favorite pair of snowboots is another chance to be proud of her independent choice.

And perhaps the "7-years of bad luck" is truly a myth with an open umbrella indoors, which is a nice trade for 10 minutes feeling like a superhero.

When I stop and think, most the things I say "no" to really don't matter. In the long run, I mean. And since they don't matter to me, so I say No. But I forget that it matters to them. I've even heard myself arguing with my child that "It doesn't matter, just wear the brown shoes, will ya?" When in fact, it really does matter...to them. And if it doesn't really matter, then why not just say "Yes", and see the sparkle in their eyes and the excitement in their voice as they say, "Thank you, Mommy!"

Have a day where you committ to saying "Yes" to as many things as you can. Loosen up, for one day, and see how it makes you feel. You may find yourself fighting less and smiling more. There is power in positive words like, "Sure!" "Sounds great!" and "I'd be happy to!" The power mostly lies in how it makes you feel when saying them.

Cheri posted about the change-first principle, perhaps this is one way you can improve your relationship with your young kids this week. Have a yes-day and watch as you smile together more.

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3 Responses to Have a “Yes” Day!

  1. Pheobe says:

    Thank you so much for this advise. I had never really thought about it. I’m going to try it and see the effect. I love the reminder that, “..it matters to them.” Great point.

  2. Kathryn Agren says:

    I love Marjorie Hinckley’s book Glimpses…she says to say yes more and it’s probably the single best advise I’ve ever been given. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Sunny says:

      I remember that from reading Glimpses too, and I also needed the reminder. When I do remember to just say “Yes,” it really makes a difference in our day. Thanks, Kerri.

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