Hawaiian Chili Water – YUM!

#2 Reason Why Hawaii is so Cool: They’ve Got Chili Water

chili water

When I was first introduced to it, I was hesitant. I thought it would be spicy. I mean, it’s called “Chili Water”, so wouldn’t you think the same? And water? What’s up with that?

And then I tried it. And I am now its #1 Fan. I sprinkle a bit on just about anything savory — potatoes, soup, pizza, meat or veggies. I even use it as a bread dip.

Chili Water is full of flavor and not spicy, however, I am sure you can turn up the heat by adding more peppers. It’s supposedly called Hawaiian Chili Water because it is enjoyed extensively around the islands, so why I just heard about it just last month?!?

The best part is that Hawaiian Chili Water is super easy to make and, due to its high level of salt and chili, it lasts a long time.

Here’s the recipe:

Hawaiian Chili Water

6 small dried hot red chili peppers, sliced

1/4 onion, sliced

1-2 garlic cloves, whole or cut into strips

1 tsp SEA salt (no Morton’s Salt here, folks!)

2 cups hot water, not boiling

(I have also heard of variations using 2 tsp rice vinegar, omitting the onions, and substituting 2 quarter sized slices of ginger. Whichever recipe is sure to be really tasty.)

Combine in a sterile bottle (mine is a reused soda bottle) and let it steep overnight. Refrigerate in the morning and serve whenever. Due to the sea salt and chili peppers, chili water has a long shelf life. In fact, after the bottle is used up, just add more water to the ingredients and keep on serving.

I have a cork on the top of mine with a hole through it and a small piece of a bamboo skewer used as a plug. (You can check it out in the photo). This way, only the water can drizzle out and all the goodness can stay in.

Enjoy! I want to hear about how you like it — let me know!!

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