Heidi’s Review of the Terry Top

for me. my 7 year old. and my rugs.

Ever heard of a towel exclusively for your hair? Me neither, until the Terry Top company asked if all us Five Real Moms review their "hair towel" and give an honest opinion of their product.

Well, being a mom of very little hair (about 1 1/2 inches in length) I prefer the shaggy dog style -- rub it, shake it, and viola! It's dry in 2 minutes.

Raise your hand if you're like me: You just use the towel you used to dry your body. If you would prefer to do so undisturbed, go on ahead. But it may be worth it to check out Terry Top's video on their website that reminds you what body parts that towel probably dried before drying your face. However, aren't those parts clean anyway post - shower?

That, my friend, was in the pre-children era. Since watching the video I have been more observant of what I'll call "A Day in the Life of the Bathroom Towel." Add in children and suddenly your "clean" towels are wrapped around the toilet bowl and your kids are sitting cross-legged -- naked -- on it as they choose what to wear. And then quite possibly it goes back on the rack to be used again.

Terry Top's come out with a short towel--well, tube--with elastic bands on either end. It's for your hair only. But, hey, you might be a One Love type of person, or frankly don't want more gadgets and gizmos around. I hear you. However, this morning I think I found a need for this extra towel in the bathroom.

As my seven year old daughter stepped out of the shower, her hair created a small rainshower, forming a puddle on the bathroom floor. Now, have you ever tried to wrap a towel atop a small child's head? Try it - it's a terrycloth disaster. Hair gets pulled and the thing topples back a forth like a tall tower of Jenga until finally spilling to the floor.

Ah-hah moment -- the Terry Top! No more small rivers between the bathroom and bedroom! No more wet hair in the cold air! No more shirts soaked through by undried hair! No more terrycloth disasters!

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