I Love this Shark Vacuum

For many years I’ve been a Dyson user. I found it frustrating to use, but having been sold by Dyson’s pitch of being “the best vacuum in the world”, I was hesitant to settle for anything less.

Well, when I was at my sister in law’s house a couple of months ago, both my mother in law and sister in law were telling me, “you’ve gotta try out Sara’s new vacuum — it is awesome.” I’m thinking, come on, guys, how cool can a vacuum be? Well, I tried it and was convinced and bought one when I got home. But my husband was still a skeptic. I told him to try it, and he said he would, but “let’s keep the box so we can return it after”.

We didn’t end up returning it. It’s the…


Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner – Model NV356E

(And be sure you get the “Lift-Away” one, not just the “Shark Professional”.)

What makes the vacuum so cool? I’ll give you the Top Seven:

1. It is LIGHTWEIGHT and SMALL, making it easy to clean tight places and store in small spaces.

2. The base SWERVES to get into tight spaces

3. It is EASY to use. Dyson prides itself on simplicity of use, but I found it over complicated. Maybe they over-thought things. The Shark Professional Lift-Away vacuum makes sense.

4. It has a POWERFUL suction — just as good as the Dyson we used to use.

5. It has a floor attachment with a microfiber cloth attached behind the sucking mechanism to DEEP CLEAN your floors. Living near the beach, we get a lot of dust and fine dirt on our floors. Especially with a baby crawling around, I have found this extremely helpful in getting our floors super – clean — “white sock” clean. LOVE this.

6. The bottom base ( the carpet vacuum part) can become detached. I love this because it can then be used as a VACUUM FOR YOUR CAR.

7. It is relatively INEXPENSIVE. At $200, it rivals $400+ vacuums in performance and user-friendliness.

My sister-in-law described the vacuum by saying, “it’s like Shark took all the suggestions of people using vacuums and used them all into one vacuum.” I agree. So may I echo my sister in law’s advice — try theShark Navigator Professional Lift-Away Vacuum Cleaner — you’ll love it.


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2 Responses to I Love this Shark Vacuum

  1. Janet says:

    My husband bought me the Shark Navigator Professional (not the lift away) back in October and I LOOOOVE it! I noticed you said the “lift away” is the one to get, but I can tell you the model I have is by far the best vacuum I have ever owned. So if you can’t afford the more expensive model, you can still count on the basic Shark model to be amazing.

  2. Erica says:

    This Sara gal seems like a pretty awesome consumer 😉 Glad you like the vacuum. The other day when I was using it to suck up who knows what all over the kitchen floor, it totally reminded me of that clean up machine in The Cat and the Hat.-Erica

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