Janae’s Review of the Terry Top

At first glance I thought, "I don't need this product...I always wipe off my face before wiping off my body with my towel. Solution solved." Well, when I told my husband that that was my line of thinking, he was quick to notice I didn't wash my towel every day. "Sounds great.", he said, "So you prefer day-old bum scum to wipe your face with". Enough said. I was sold. I now use my terry top every day without fail and not without a bit of a giggle as I remember my husband's words.

I don't have long hair, so I didn't think that holding back and drying my hair would be a plus for me. Yet, in reality, I find that the elastic on the terry top is perfectly snug enough that it stays on my head while I lean over and dry off, get dressed, etc. I used to struggle as the towel I twisted and put atop my head would inevitably fall off whenever I would lean over. Unexpectedly, the Terry Top took care of that problem for me.

As for quality, it is very well made. I find the stitching to be strong and secure. The elastic is strong. The towel is soft and very water absorbent. Have you ever bought a towel thinking it was so soft and fluffy only to find out that it wipes the water around rather than soaking it up? Not so with this towel. It does the job and does it well. For quality, I would give it 5 stars. For userability, that will be entirely up to you. If you choose to give up the day old bum scum, then you'll find it a necessary add-on to your bathroom accessories. If not, you may want to warn those you snuggle with 🙂

The only thing I would like to see changed is adding more subtle colors to their assortment. Most of their colors are bright and vibrant. I'd rather have one that matches my decor and other towels, so a line of burgundy, sage, off white, navy etc. would be something I'd like to see. But, if that's my only complaint, I'd say this is a great product and a great idea.

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