Keeping House, Not Just Housekeeping

The homemaker has the ultimate career.  All other careers exist for one purpose only — and that is to support this ultimate career.

~ CS Lewis

A few months ago, my Mom and I met one of the greatest Homemakers of all time, Daryl Hoole.  The author of many books, articles, and seminars, here is a take home list of ways you can quickly keep a better house:

Little Things That Make A Big Difference

  • Your new mantra: Clean as you Go.  Wipe as you Work.  Pick up as you Pass.  Look Back as you leave.
  • Skim before you scour –make everything tidy before spending lots of time on one big task
  • Stop dirt at the door — remove shoes.  Always go outside with shoes on.  Sweep porches and vacuum rugs so outside dirt is not tracked in.
  • Don’t make two jobs out of one–Why lose it just to have to find it again.  Put it away instead of putting it down.  Use one workspace in the kitchen while cooking, containing the mess.
  • No meals on wheels–only eat in the kitchen.  Crumbs and spills travel easily through your house, wasting your time and money.
  • Remember: messes multiply
  • Have a system, not a search. Make a Home for everything.
  • Do today’s work today — don’t wake up to yesterday’s work
  • Be prepared — invest time in being prepared for the unexpected, including the unfortunate running-out-of-flour in the middle of baking cookies
  • Put the house to bed before you go to bed — another catchy way of saying “Do Today’s Work Today”
  • Make a HOME (don’t just clean house) — make it a place where you feel good and want to be
  • Revitalize with the Sabbath –Keep Sunday Holy by keeping Saturday Hopping
  • Not at the “top of your game”? Prioritize — make a list and do SOMETHING even when you feel like doing nothing.  Even 30 seconds in a bathroom can make things shiny.
  • Time the technology–there are appliances that are worth getting that save you time (ie a dishwasher, kitchenaid that mixes, chops, etc.)
  • Have a “clutter buddy”–if you just can’t shake ALL the clutter, have a box where you can keep these things in, with a rule to dejunk it once a week.
  • All hands on deck!–get everyone involved with responsibilities
  • Be of good cheer–If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.  Knowing your attitude affects your family, choose to be happy.

She has several books, but one of the most popular is The Art of Homemaking. She also has great advice for raising kids, too!

For some free articles by Daryl Hoole go to:

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