Kerri’s Review of the Terry Top

OK, it's true. I love this product, too.

I didn't realize how much easier my routine would be with the Terry Top, and now that I have it, I won't go back!

I was a towel-turban hair-drying girl my whole life. It being heavy, falling off my head, and being too big to get dressed with were just those daily struggles of being a girl...But when I tried the Terry Top I realized all those woes could be behind me! Awesome!

What I LOVE:

  • It's super lightweight on my head and neck.
  • It stays put until I'm ready to style.
  • I can bend, shake, get dressed, do make up, etc, and it doesn't fall off. My towel-turban would have deserted me long ago.
  • When I'm ready to style, my hair stays damp enough to still get a great style, whereas with my towel-turban sometimes my hair would get TOO dry.
  • AMAZINGLY convenient for a mom with small kids. If you have a nursing baby, this stays put if you have to nurse before doing your hair...or dress kids, or make breakfast, or...EVERYTHING we do before we get to our own needs.
  • Since I'm not twisting it around my hair like my towel-turban, I've noticed less broken hair on my bathroom husband noticed, too!
  • And yes, the Terry Top is very well made, the stitching is sturdy, and the elastic is just the right tightness.
  • Because it is thin, small, and ONLY being used for your face and hair, it dries quickly on its bathroom hook, keeping it cleaner, fresher, longer. Can't say the same for that bathroom towel.

Here's my favorite thought: If you aren't into buying one for you right now (don't know why), then...

give it as a gift:

  • At a baby shower: A new mom would LOVE the convenience this offers, its ease while nursing, AND it's super cuddly for the r newborn, too.
  • To a college student: This would be so convenient in the dorms or apartments when getting ready with lots of other girls
  • As a stocking stuffer. I always think Christmas stockings are good times to get those cool gizmos and gadgets you've been dreaming of.
  • And the cons: I can't think of any. SO awesome! I hope you try it, too!

And the cons: I can't think of any. SO awesome! I hope you try it, too!

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