A Laundry Day Game

How did we go from this:

To this:

While involving the kids and maintaining the smiles?
We had a Clean Clothes Relay!

All the laundry piled high on the bed, with 3 bins on the floor for each kid’s stuff.

On your marks,
Get set,
Run to the pile and choose a piece of clothing.
Run and put it in the right person’s bin!
All the way until the pile’s all gone!
So fun! 
Then Carter and I folded them all (with Addison’s help — is that even the right word for a 3 year old folding what I will have to refold?) and made that a game by racing the song on the radio and the commercial breaks.
 Who knew house work could be so fun and cooperative!
This is all thanks to Five Real {cool} Mom #3, Heidi, who sent me this book for Christmas, SO FILLED with great tips and ideas that organize routines, clutters, schedules, and FUN times!

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