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Keeping a blog is my way of telling my story.  Some people tell their stories in journals.  Others in scrapbooks.  I started a blog in 2008 that is about my family.  It is about marriage and motherhood, and my balance in both.  Today it has 390 posts.  That’s 390 stories to tell.  390 moments to remember.

For me, keeping up with my blog motivates me to “Live a Bloggable Life.” Or in other words, live a life worth living, live a life worth writing about.  And that mantra trickles down to “Make Today a bloggable day.” Find something in today that is worth remembering.  If you can’t find it, create it.  Create the memories and traditions for you and your children that will last.

Blogging has become a way of thinking for me.  It challenges me every day to celebrate the small things in life and to accentuate the positive.  I now look for the bloggable moments every day.  Not that I post about every moment that happens through the day, but I strive to make those moments matter, and to pay attention when my son notices a butterfly, or to take a picture of a little boy who has painted himself head to toe in black marker wanting to be a super hero.

When people come to my blog, what do I want them to know about us?

  1. We are a family working together to do what’s right.
  2. We look for and bring out the positive in every situation.
  3. We believe and are trying to live a good Christian life.

Sometimes the greatest illustration of what you believe is how you live.  Messes can be cleaned up later, but today I’m adding another chapter to our story.  Our story.  The silly antics of a man and a woman and their three crazy kids.  And through publishing how we live, we let our lives speak what matters most to us.

If you have a blog, or facebook, or any other public image on the internet, use it for good.  Spread positive messages.  All around the world, people are searching for things that are inspiring and uplifting.  When so much of pop culture paints motherhood and marriage in a negative light, stand out by showing the world that there is fun and joy in these roles.  If we don’t define ourselves, pop culture will, and they do not have the greatest track record of bringing out the best.

Let the world know, by the way that you live, that life is to be enjoyed and not just endured.  And that you are proud of what you do.

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