Life is Better With…My Table Seat

Before I got married, I paid close attention to the things other people had or did that made their lives easier.  I made a mental list of the things I’d just HAVE to have when Iwas a mom.  Like most people, I figured there were certain things that were basic must-haves for child-rearing.  Like a crib, for instance.  Another one of these must-haves, I thought, was a high chair.  But then, I babysat for my sister’s kids and fell in love with something else.

She bought a Graco Tot-Loc table seat that latched onto her table so the baby could sit with the family.  I loved how it eliminated having two eating areas to clean up after (the table and the high chair), plus how it involved the baby with the family meal.  I decided to make sure I found one of those when I had a baby.  When I got pregnant with my first born, Laney, I immediately started searching for one of those seats.  To my dismay, Graco stopped making them!  I searched high and low and found one off ebay.  When I had just had baby #2, Noelle, I happened to be buying something off craigslist and saw another of these seats in someone’s garage.  I begged her to sell me it and she did, so I now have two. 

But since those days, these specific seats have been harder to find.  Thankfully, other brands have made AWESOME table seats too.  One of my sisters has the Chicco brand and loves it.  So I started looking into the Chicco brand.  One drawback, for me, was that there is no tray that comes with the seat.  I love my trays and it makes eating easier.  But then, I saw something else and fell in love again.

Chicco makes the 360 Degree Rotating Hook On Chair.  I don’t know about you, but it is HARD to feed a baby when you’re sitting to the side of them.  You need to be in front of them to not smear food all over their face.  This seat can rotate a full 360 degrees, locking in 6 positions to allow you to feed your baby from any angle.  How cool is that?  It also folds flat and has a carrying bag so you can take it along to restaurants or on trips.  We’ve done that a ton, but ours folds awkwardly and isn’t convenient to carry at all.  Plus, it has a tray and a 3-point strap, which is GREAT for squirmy babies. 

Love, serious love.

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One Response to Life is Better With…My Table Seat

  1. Tauna W. says:

    That’s the one I will get if we need one again. I did like our Chicco and especially that it was machine washable and fit the 6 inch lip on our table. But, we’ve thrown it away knowing it wouldn’t last another kid. The canvas has torn to shreds and I don’t know how many times I reinforced it for Ike. I love that Chicco makes one with a tray. It’s pricey though.

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