Life is better with…The Dunstan Baby Language

We’ve all been there…your newborn baby is crying and you’re up for the umpteenth time in the night.  You’ve changed her, fed her, rocked her, burped her, sung to her, swaddled her, bathed her…but she’s still crying!  WHY?  Steve joked with EVERY nurse when our first child was born: “Where’s the Owner’s Manual”?  I’ve come to learn, he wasn’t really joking. We also wished their names were stamped on their derrieres like Cabbage Patch Kids, but that’s another story.

What we learned by Baby #3 was that there IS an Owner’s Manual for all those cries.

The Dunstan Baby Language

Thank you, Priscilla Dunstan.  I saw her on Oprah, then rented the DVDs from the library.  They also may have snippets on YouTube.  Or you can order them here.  Basically, there are 5 major sounds babies make when they cry, and they actually MEAN something, so I know if she’s hungry, tired, or has gas.  It worked every time, from the minute she was born.  And I promise you, it opened a whole new confident world for Steve and I.  I wish I knew this all with Babies 1 and 2.

I ALSO love this book.

by Dr. Marc Weissbluth

Anything that helps me better understand why people do the things they do, the better off I am.

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