Lip Balm in the lid?

Here' s one of the advantages of having a 2-year-old and 17-year-old at the same time. When the 2-year-old gets your Chapstick and turns the bottom dial until the lip balm squishes into the lid, your 17 year old has the spare brain cells to come up with a solution. (Of course, we won't discuss why I don't have the spare brain cells.)

Chapstick with lip balm stuck in the lid

Since I had a couple sticks of lip balm that my young one had screwed up and the lids were packed with the stuff, I thought I would try my teenager's solution.

Chapstick lid in the microwave

Put the lid in the microwave and melt the lip balm. I tried this with Chapstick brand lip balm, and another lip balm I got as a sample in a whole foods type store. They melted at very different times--the Chapstick took much longer. Just start with 20 seconds or so and see how it goes.

screw the lip balm down to make room to mold melted lip balm

Screw the lip balm down a little bit, and pour the liquid back in.

Chapstick with empty lid

You may want to pop it in the fridge to speed up the solidification. You may also want to aid the shaping a little with a finger. It doesn't save you a lot of lip balm, but it makes you feel better each time you take off the lid and no longer have the lid stuck full of the stuff.

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