Make Your Own Tetherball Game (with a Balloon!)

Playing Homemade Tetherball

A favorite summer pasttime -- tetherball -- is fun for all ages. And not having a proper pole or ball doesn't have to stop you from batting around!

Here's how you can make a super-simple yet effective tetherball game (or shall we say, tetherballoon!)

What you need:

- A medium size balloon

- Water

- Twine (6' to 9' long -- the longer the twine, the more times the balloon has to go around the pole to win.)

- A pole or straight tree (A pole is better than a tree because the bark can cause the balloon to pop, but use what you've got! We used an umbrella pole. A post on a house porch can work, or a flag pole -- be creative!)

How to make your own tetherball game:

Blow up a medium size balloon.

Add 1/4 cup water to the balloon. This gives it some weight.

Tie the twine around any type of pole or straight tree.

To tie the twine on the pole, pinch the twine against the pole with about 3 inches hanging down. The height of the twine should be higher than the height of the players. Tightly wrap the twine around the twine that's hanging down until you reach the end. Pull the rest of the twine through the loop of twine at the top.

Tie the balloon to the end of the twine.

How to play

The goal of the game is to wrap the twine all the way around the pole in your direction. Both players are trying to wrap around to their respective right or left. Players wrap the twine by hitting, punching, or swinging the balloon. The only firm and fast rule is each player remains on their own side of the pole -- no crossies! Besides that, you can make up as many house rules as you wish.


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  1. Molly says:

    Fun idea! We have no posts at our house, but I could see this being fun just hanging it from the patio cover and letting Graham swat at it!

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